RIP Ray; you were a good guy

By now, most have heard of the passing of Ray Topp, publisher of Radio Guide magazine. I was shocked when I first learned about it in the middle of February. The family has decided to cease publishing the magazine, which is understandable, but also a loss for the industry. The goal of Radio Guide was to provide “real-world technical information.” When I wrote an article, I always thought about the various people I worked with over the years and what they were concerned with.

If you have not read the Radio World article: Ray Topp, Publisher of Radio Guide Dies

The last I heard from Ray was the third week in December. He said he had a bout of COVID and there were some complications. He said he was trying very hard to get the January/February 2023 issue done. I sent in my article in early January but never heard anything back, which is unusual. When the publishing date came and went, I thought that perhaps he was still recovering. Unfortunately, that was not so.

My final article for Radio Guide was to be titled: Learning with the Libra VNA

Since it was never published, I figured perhaps some might find it useful.

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