Paul Thurst standing in front of a Nautel XL60 medium wave transmitter
Author, standing in front of a Nautel XL60 medium wave transmitter

Engineering Radio is a blog about everyday life as a Broadcast Engineer.  It includes projects, observations, tech tips, and radio history, and occasionally strays off-topic. 

One thing that is clear to me, there are very few younger people interested in this line of work. As the older group retires, so does their vast experience base and hard-earned wisdom. There are very few mentoring opportunities, thus this is at least a partial attempt to pass a few things on. Hopefully, somebody will find it useful.

I enjoy writing and sometimes there is an interesting story to tell.

When the odd off-topic post appears, I usually try to tie it into radio or broadcasting in some way.   I tend to write at the middling technical level, generally for other engineers and technical people.   I also put things here like pinouts, URLs, etc, so I can find them later because I sometimes lose things.

The Person:

I am a 35-year veteran of the Broadcasting business.   I am a Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer (CPBE) by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). I work in radio on the East Coast of the United States, near some large metropolitan area. Up until January 2010, I was a full-time engineer for a local radio group.  That position was eliminated in favor of a contract engineering service.  Since that time, I have been a contract field engineer and small business owner.

I have always been interested in Radio, from the early days of my childhood, listening to distant AM stations at night or shortwave stations on my uncle’s shortwave radio, to my short career in the military.

I have been a licensed Amateur Radio operator (KH2R) since 1987.

The Advertising disclosure statement:

I have removed all forms of advertising as I felt that it was getting in the way of the true content (and true purpose) of this blog. 

New Studio Buildout, WHUD, Peekskill, NY

The Rules:

It seems like a good idea to establish a few ground rules:

  • All are welcome to comment, I generally try to write for the mid-level tech person. I generally try to include explanations of why we do the things we do.
  • You may, of course, disagree with anything I say, but try to include references or other backing documentation in your statements in some way so I can see why you disagree.
  • Spam comments will be deleted.
  • Comments become the property of the blog once they are submitted.  I reserve the right to edit, approve, or delete comments as I see fit
  • Have fun!  Radio is supposed to be a fun business, we have gotten away from that lately.

The Disclaimer

Engineeringradio.us website and all of its content are owned by Data Wave, LLC which has sole responsibility for its content.  This website does not target or collect data from any person under 13 years of age.

The Copyright information:

All of the pictures on this website, including the header photos were taken by me and remain my personal property.  Any other images not taken by me will be noted and credited to their owner.  I am happy to share however, you may not use any image from this website without my written consent.

The contact information:

If for some reason, you feel compelled to contact me, you may do so by using the following e-mail address:

info (at) engineeringradio (dot) us

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