FM transmitter site tour, Bavaria, Germany

Short, but interesting video tour of an FM transmitter site in Germany. The analog transmitters are 10 KW Telefunken solid-state units, 5 main transmitters, and two reserve units into an antenna combiner. At approximately the 35-second mark, the video shows a Rhode & Schartz DAB transmitter. Germany uses DAB+ in band III (174-240 MHz).

It is always interesting to see how others are broadcasting.

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5 thoughts on “FM transmitter site tour, Bavaria, Germany”

  1. It always amazes me when you see overseas transmitter sites how, a) they’re always SO meticulously clean, and b) how they love to show them off. I’ve seen videos online of transmitters in Paris and Denmark. I forgot where I saw a french FM station running a BE FM 30T. Was interesting to see an American made rig on overseas. It is quite interesting to see that though. Shively is another big company over seas. There are a couple of Shively combiners in England, and a number of single bay Shively FMs there too. Thanks for posting this, Paul.

    — Mike

  2. Mike, I think many of the overseas transmitter sites are owned by the Government. Even private stations lease government transmitters, at least that was the way it was explained to me several years ago. I don’t know if Germany does this.

  3. Hi, i am from germany. Yes, Paul is right!Private stations can only lease this transmitters. Brands are: Telefunken or Rhode & Schwarz. All is controlled and licensed by the government, we can’t use any transmitter. The modulationlines are leased, too. At the moment we have only datareduced lines, musicam/mp2, 48khz at between 192 and 384 kBit/s. The Optimods are mostly in the studios, not at the transmitter.

  4. Hi Paul, I just wanted to offer a small correction. The DAB transmitters aren’t made by Rhode & Schartz, they’re made by Hirschmann (who were bought by Harris sometime in 2001).

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