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This year, winter in the Northeast has been relatively tame (so far). As I type this today, the temperature is 60 degrees F. The average high temperature this time of the year is around 40 F. This is an anomaly due to the strong El Nino currently going on in the Pacific Ocean. Next year will likely be closer to normal.

To that end, one of the problems in winter time is access to mountaintop transmitter sites. Several of the sites we maintain can only be accessed with special equipment such as a snowcat, track machine, or snowmobile. We have two or three sites that are cut off from regular vehicular access for 2-4 months per year. One site in particular has water flowing down the access road from a reservoir creating a 200-foot sheet of ice that is not even walkable.

For many years, I have been on the lookout for some special equipment that will allow us to get there safely and back.

Meet the special equipment:

Polaris Ranger 900 with studded tracks
The wheels were replaced with tracks and we added this stud kit for ice
Polaris Ranger 900

Like other such items, there is a cost associated with owning this. In the past, we have paid a two-way radio company that has a larger snow machine for rides to the top of various mountains. That can get pricey if several trips are needed. We will have to figure out a reasonable fuel surcharge for the operation of this track machine.

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4 thoughts on “Special Equipment”

  1. The gas cost is hauling that trailer & ‘crawler”.
    The Polaris sips gas.
    We have the 700 with tracks.

  2. Bill, that is correct, the fuel surcharge will be for the truck and trailer. We have a Ford Ranger, which is a little bit light-duty for the application, however, I think it will be okay.

  3. Something about those tracks just *screams* EXPENSIVE if they ever fail.

    If I had an old 2m radio laying around, I’d hang it in there in case something breaks at an inopportune time one cold winter day…

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