The Raytheon RL10 Limiting Amplifier

Update: Apparently this is quite interesting to a number of people.  I have rescanned the manual, properly compressed it and which you may find it here.

Found this manual at one of the older transmitter sites:

Raytheon RL10 limiting amplifier manual cover
Raytheon RL10 limiting amplifier manual cover

The entire manual is available for your reading pleasure here: Raytheon RL10 limiting amplifier

As this is an older design than either the Gates Sta level or the Collins 26U, it may not be as useful to tube audio enthusiasts.

Raytheon RL-10 Schematic diagram
Raytheon RL-10 Schematic diagram

The main issue with the Gates and Collins unit is the GE 6386 remote cutoff triode used, which were great tubes, but very difficult to come by these days.  This design calls for a 1612 or 6L7, which is a pentagrid amplifier.  Feedback is provided by the screen of the following stage, a 6SJ7GT.  Anyway, perhaps it will give somebody some idea of how to make a good tube compressor limiter.

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5 thoughts on “The Raytheon RL10 Limiting Amplifier”

  1. How timely, last night one of the Cable channels (may have been the Military channel) did an abridged history of Raytheon and how WW II Magnetron development started that company down the billion dollar road to success

  2. Mr. Thurst,

    I have a Raytheon RZ10 that I cannot find any info on.
    Do you happen to have any documentation on it?


  3. Thanks, Mr. Thurst!

    It is 4 plug-in type preamps in a case that looks quite a bit like the RL10 limiter, except there are no knobs.

  4. I looking for any Raytheon audio gear.
    My collection is quite incomplete!
    Please let me know if you have anything.

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