Boredom sets in

Apparently, somebody, over the long holiday weekend had a wee bit too much time on their hands. So much so that they decided ripping the doors off of the generator shed at the WGHQ transmitter site was a good idea.  And so they did:

Generator shed doors ajar
Generator shed doors ajar

That, and smash the light fixture.

The good news; thus satisfied with their bit of malfeasance, they left the generator and other contents of the building untouched.  It could have been worse.

Perhaps the site could do with some security cameras?

Generator shed door repaired
Generator shed door repaired

The local carpenter was called and the door frame was replaced.  Truth be told, the wood door frame was a bit past its prime anyway.  Once the doors were remounted, I check out the generator and it starts and runs just fine.


It’s a cute little thing, 23 KW, 4 cylinder diesel engine.

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2 thoughts on “Boredom sets in”

  1. I’m afraid the US is turning into a country of waste products and degenerates, nothing would please me more than an old fashioned Singapore caning for vandalism and
    if necessary a redux for the parents that spawned and coddled them (such as you always hear my kids a good boy ….a very good boy, he was turning his life around) and the ACLU types that defend them. If I was caught doing crap like this my parents would have made sure my life as I knew it would be over period.

  2. I don’t disagree Chris. Time was, the local police would know exactly who would do something like this and would go pay them a visit. Now, there is no local police and the state/county police are not interested in investigating such things, so we did not even bother to call them.

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