HF broadcasting station maintenance

This video shows some of the maintenance required for an HF (AKA Shortwave) broadcast station. It starts with transmission line tensioning, some shots of a curtain array then goes on to show the inside of a transmitter building. Transmitters shown are Harris HF-100 (a 1980’s model tube type PDM design) and Continental 418, but I didn’t see the letter number. They are likely tube-modulated units.

These are from the international service of Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), or Radio Australia International.

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3 thoughts on “HF broadcasting station maintenance”

  1. G’day,
    The Harris transmitters shown were SW100A (blue front), with two 4CV100,000E valves (tubes) in the high power stages , one in the RFPA & one in the PWM switch. Two Harris SW100 transmitters (grey front) were also used at the station until replaced with Continental. They originally had 4CV50,000 valves which were upgraded to the larger device.

    The three Continental transmitters (418E, 418F & the new 418G) had thermionic RFPA, but the modulators were entirely solid state.

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