We are experiencing technical dificulties, please stand by

There appears to be some issue with my version of WordPress, the server in use, and the version of PHP. The ISP recently upgraded my server and migrated my site over to a new unit, which was supposed to be transparent. Right. I am working with the ISP to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and return to my regular blogging.

In the meantime:

Update: All fixed, for now anyway. Something about a mismatched password in the backend. To all those that tried to comment, my apologies. It should all be working correctly now.

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4 thoughts on “We are experiencing technical dificulties, please stand by”

  1. Love it Bert Kaempfert back when music was music. Can not here this song on the radio today.
    Love the Indian head test pattern

  2. Thanks, Ed. Nobody plays music like this anymore because nobody writes music like this anymore. It is amazing what one can find on Youtube

  3. Best sounding music I heard come out of these cheap computer speakers in a long time. I always wanted to be able to take overnights and air off the wall, decent stuff. Just like the movie “UHF”. We have three full TV studios. Just think of what can be done.

    Paul, this site is up 99.99% of the time. I call that an excellent job!

  4. Thanks, Chris. The problems with my ISP continue on in the background. I may need to move the site to a different host over the next few days.

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