Longwave Radio, Atlantic 252, Ireland

We don’t have any long-wave stations in this country, other than the government’s failed attempt at using long-wave (WGU-20) for emergency communications in the 1970s and 80s. In Europe, Longwave continues to be used, mainly because of its excellent ground wave propagation can cover large distances without fading or interference. ¬†Several have closed in recent years due to the expense of maintaining tall radio towers and higher-quality programming sources.

This is a video of the transmitter site for Atlantic 252 in Ireland.  Atlantic 252 went defunct in 2001, however, the frequency is still in use by RTE radio 1.

500KW is quite a bit of power. The antenna mast is 248 meters, or 813 feet tall. Interestingly, RTE discontinued service on MW (AKA AM broadcast or standard broadcast) but left this signal on the air. Reportedly, this station has less power but better coverage.

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