OET65? What is that?

Readers of this blog will know that I enjoy history.  Old photos are great things to study, as they say, pictures… thousand words… etc.  Here is one that I found on the RadioMarine website:

WER radio, 192X?
WER radio, 192X?

Here we have three gentlemen at work at an early radio station.  It seems like a posed shot, nobody can study a meter that intently.  They are sitting directly in front of the transmitter and it looks like the antenna tuning coils are behind the operating position.  Notice the open wire and transmission line, presumably all under power when this picture was taken.  There seems to be no concern about RF or electrical safety, I suppose it was trial and error back then, with a heavy price paid for error.  Meter boy should be careful not to back up too far, if he does, he’ll get a little behind in his work.

We’ve been a little busy this last week, I’ll catch up on the blogging this weekend, there are many things to tell.

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2 thoughts on “OET65? What is that?”

  1. At least everybody’s cells were warmed up with all the wonderful radio waves in the room! Diathermy before its time.

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