Harmonic Filter for BE FM-30T

Another example from my blown-up shit collection, pictures archive:

Burned out harmonic filter, BE FM-30T transmitter
Burned-out harmonic filter, BE FM-30T transmitter

The harmonic filter from a Broadcast Electronics FM-30T.  This actually started in the bullet connector to the 3-inch hardline on the output side of the filter.

Burned out 3 inch hard line section
Burned out 3-inch hard-line section

Again, I did not install this myself, someone else did.  Cutting 3-inch hard line is pretty straightforward.  When using a field flange, the outer and inner conductors are cut flush.  Both conductors should be de-burred and filed smoothly.  It only takes a little thing to start an arc with 30 KW of FM power, so once again, attention to detail is key to avoiding these things.

Fortunately, BE sent along replacement parts for the harmonic filter and the line section was replaced.

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