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Chasing down a Pirate Radio station

I stumbled on this video on youtube. It seems like some old guy has too much time on his hands and is out being a private citizen vigilante:

Part one, he is driving around a neighborhood with a spectrum analyzer looking at signal strength:

Seems slightly creepy.

Then there is part II, the plot twist:

Actually, looks like a nice studio. PRE BMX II console, RE-20 microphones, and a live performance room at a radio station, what a concept.

Part III, trouble of a technical nature sets in:

Brave man, fear of heights is overcome because of his love of radio. I myself suffer from Phronemophobia, not in myself, but in other people.

So this series goes on for some, then… First, a Notice Of Unauthorized Operation (NOUO), then, A construction permit for a C1 station! Wow!

So, they are currently building out their station and putting up a tower. Check out 89.1 Ken’s FM-KNNZ and see how they are doing.  The call sign is KNNZ, licensed to Hawley, MN.  Real radio, alive and well in some places at least.

I wonder what kind of transmitter that is, I do not recognize it.

Good luck, guys.  I will have to check out the web stream, it sounds like fun.

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7 comments to Chasing down a Pirate Radio station

  • Transmitter is a Collins 830
    See the WRCH aux transmitter photo here, same model:

  • Hope they put a roof on the building soon after setting the transmitter… It won’t do much good if it get’s wet! That is if folks up there are getting rain…

  • valvashon

    Hey! That’s my old friend Ken! I knew within 30 seconds of starting that first video that this was a setup. Hearing the extended remix of “It’s My Life” confirmed it- Ken’s been playing that song for years. Thanks for featuring these videos!

  • […] HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly  Check out the Youtube Video “busting a pirate”, and the Dave Rabbit home page. ‭Off Air Recordings include the stations of: Radio Ronin, […]

  • Ian Dougan

    I loved hanging out in Ken’s studio, back in the early 2000s my band performed live on his radio show. I remember he had a radio tower right in his backyard, I still drive by his place daily and relive the good ol days!

  • Paul Thurst

    I am glad to see he is on the air, licensed, at 100 KW. That is impressive. I updated the links section to reflect his new website.

  • Neil

    The FCC needs to do this more often, turn a pirate into a legit station, rather than create a problem. If large corporations keep running radio, it will die as a medium. How did he get to 100 KW? Either he had the money, or he got donations. It is good to hear that this has a happy ending with a real license.

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