SAS studio installation work

I receive several emails a week from interested readers. One noted that the blog seems to be focused on RF. Yes, that is what I do most, but the company does studio installs as well.

This was from a few years ago.

WDST moved out of their Bearsville studio location into the former Methodist Church in West Hurley.

WDST Studios, West Hurley, New York

We installed a new SAS audio router and console system.

Eaton UPS powers rack room and studios
Small Rack Room for NextGen servers and STL equipment
Air Studio, Under Construction
Rack Room
Ethernet Patch Panel
Office area
Live Performance Stage
Rack Room
Back of the racks
WDST Air Studio
WDST Production Studio

Pictures of their old Bearsville studio can be found here:

WDST, Woodstock, New York

If folks are interested, I will post some more pictures of more recent studio-build projects.

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3 thoughts on “SAS studio installation work”

  1. Yes, please! It helps to see how you’re installing things, like those UTP Ethernet bundles, the UPS’s, etc. Doing non-broadcast-related stuff personally, but inside plant is still inside plant, whether broadcast studio, HF, home station, IT-style server racks, etc.

  2. I will work on more non-RF posts. We have plenty of studio installations and other things that I can dig out and post on.

  3. Love this kind of stuff since I’m a *nix sysadmin and network engineer (kind of lapsed on the latter…).

    I wonder how many people new to putting some racks in a room get surprised by how much heat just one rack of servers can put out, or how, no, 1 20 amp circuit probably won’t cut it….

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