Ten years on

It was ten years ago that I registered the domain name for Engineering Radio. A few days later, I put the first post up. It is still there.  Those were different times for me personally and the business in general.  There certainly have been trials, but it has never been dull.

Periodically, I go back through the posts and delete anything that is no longer relevant.  I would estimate about 1/4 to 1/3 of the content has been deleted over the years.  It is a good exercise to go back through and read what I wrote previously.

Currently, the stats are:

  • 787 published posts, there are a few in the wings waiting to be finished
  • Approximately 200 page views per day
  • 170 RSS feed subscriptions

I lost the country counter, but I believe the split is still about 60/40 US readers vs other countries.

I will continue on with this thing for as long as I feel it is worthwhile.

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6 thoughts on “Ten years on”

  1. I hope you will feel it worthwhile to continue posting, as I find your blog a learning resource and certainly enjoyable to read, as we continue to slog through this weird industry we are part of.

  2. as we continue to slog through this weird industry we are part of.


    No worries

  3. Charles,

    Thanks for the link. That is indeed an interesting article and I have seen much of what is written about in various places. Many former rural stations are simply content distribution nodes for various “formats.” AM station seem to suffer the most. There are a few small stations around here that could potentially make a go of it, but it would be a lot of work and no one seems interested in that anymore.

  4. I have learned a lot from your site that has helped me in problems I was facing with various transmitters etc…Thanks for the site and the help

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