6 thoughts on “Drone footage of tower demolition”

  1. With the new guidelines released today,I wonder how this affects really truly proper use of drones in professional/educational use as illustrated in the footage.
    Argument:Must I see it with my own two eyes or will that on board HD camera do with “dead-nuts” GPS?
    Just asking?

  2. My uneducated guess is that those desiring to view tower / antenna structures greater than 500 feet will be eligible for a “variance” since aircraft must stay a minimum distance away from those structures. Just a thought.

  3. Nope. The FAA stated that Drones are restricted from the height, period. There is no variance for tower videos. The crew that shot the drone video out in the great plains of the bulb changer got in trouble with the FAA for the exact thing.

    Maybe down the road when they finally come up with some rules, there will be. There should be. Think of how much safer it is to do a visual inspection via drone.

  4. From where and at what distances were the distant TV transmitters received by this tower?
    When did it cease to be a cable head-end?
    From what we can see near the top, distant signals were being received from 3 different directions
    Two Low-VHFs (one above the other) point in one direction, then about 90 degress around a pair of high VHFs from another direction, and roughly 150 degrees around from the latter there is a single high-VHF in another direction

  5. I’m sure some “poor” law maker in Washington can be lobbied up enough to see a nice corperate board seat in his/her future.
    Give it time,that’s how it always works in cases like this.

  6. This is cheap to do. Likely the least chance of human injury.
    But God is it wasteful.

    Keeps happening.

    Like nobody in the world could use this tower.

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