A brief Pictorial History of early micro-computers

I enjoy history, perhaps more so than others.  My first computer was an Apple IIC, purchased in 1985.  It had a single 5 1/2 inch floppy drive, no hard drive, and a wee little monochrome monitor.  Basically, it was a glorified word processor until I figured out how to connect it to my Amateur Radio transceiver.  Here is a picture of my radio room, circa 1988 on Guam:

Radio Room, KH2R Guam Circa 1988
Radio Room, KH2R Guam Circa 1988

Finding more things to do with it became a hobby of sorts.  After a while, I realized that what I wanted was what we termed an “IBM clone,” what is known as a PC today.

When I came across this blog post; History of Computers, I found it interesting and thought I’d share.


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2 thoughts on “A brief Pictorial History of early micro-computers”

  1. My first computer was an Ohio Scientific Model C1P. Sort of an assemble it yourself computer. It had a big 1K of RAM and Microsoft Basic in ROM version 1.0. I thought it was really something when I expanded it to 4K. It’s in my Ham station today although I don’t have the power supplies hooked up. More of a museum piece. I had it interfaced with my Heath HG-10B VFO to run RTTY. Hey Paul, do you hang out on any band in particular these days?

    Jerry WA2FNQ

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