Storm preparations underway

Last night, I went to bed and all was well with the world. This morning, I woke up and, Hey Now!  It would seem there is trouble brewing out in the ocean.  The weather people are talking of some superstorm, a combination of a category two hurricane and a winter blizzard with a tsunami and a bit of dust bowl thrown in for good measure.  Okay, I made up the dust bowl part.

Here is the five-day forecast:

Hurricane Sandy five day
Hurricane Sandy five day

It looks like the Mid-Atlantic coast is in for a direct hit, but the probabilities include coastal NY, NJ, and CT.  Thus, storm preparation has begun.  Today’s list is as follows:

  1. Check All backup generators, and refuel as needed.  Check oil, water, battery water, etc.  Make sure the generator starts from the remote command.
  2. Check all backup transmitters, where installed.
  3. Check other backup systems, such as STLs, sump pumps, etc.
  4. Make sure that buildings are secure and any loose items are secured.

Perhaps this storm will be one of those over-hyped non-events.  Only time will tell, however.  If it continues on its present course, then personal preparation will consist of:

  1. Procuring a good flashlight with fresh batteries for the tool kit (perhaps several).
  2. Taking care of household needs for the storm.
  3. Full set of mechanical tools.
  4. Some extra food and water in the work truck.
  5. A change of dry clothes in the work truck, including shoes or boots.
  6. Sleeping bag in the work truck.

Better to be prepared than to sit in wet clothes wishing it wasn’t so.  More updates to follow.

Saturday, 8 am Update:

During Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, it was the rainfall that did the most damage.  Looking at the current rainfall predictions, it appears the worst of it will be to the south by a good bit:

Hurricane Sandy Rainfall prediction
Hurricane Sandy Rainfall prediction

These things can change as the storm progresses, continuing with preparations.

Update, Sunday afternoon, 3pm:

The storm is still progressing more or less along the forecast track. Further to the south and in coastal areas, there is a strong possibility of flooding. Around this area and north, it looks like it will be a mostly wind event, with only 3-4 inches of rain predicted. Preparations are being finalized, I have added the chain saw to the truck inventory.

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3 thoughts on “Storm preparations underway”

  1. Hope this is not another Irene or worse for you guys in NY and Vt though it does not look good. At midnight The Weather Channel had what they feel are two most accurate models….the American GFS going ashore around New Haven and the European going in around NYC. The American model sure looks very similar to the 1938 Hurricane path. I am going to pull out the video of the PBS American Experience “Hurricane of 38” for a quick re-hash.

  2. If you want an interesting read Google The 59 Story Crisis (The New Yorker 5-29-95)William LeMessurier…. The story of the defective design of the Citibank Tower
    and it’s secret emergency repair at night to keep it from falling over in a Hurricane predicted to come up the east coast hitting NYC. There was a TLC program about the horrific possibilities (Before “The Learning Channel” became “The Looser Channel” ala Honey Boo Boo) Fascinating story.

  3. Paul. Same here. Even though Boston isn’t in the direct path, we could be nailed if it changes course.
    Ran generator, fired up aux transmitters into load, all working well. Fridge full of water, same with generator room. Tools & Flashlight on hand. Sunday I bring in my furniture from out back.

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