National EAS Test Video

Video available by youtube, courtesy of Radio Magazine:

It is a pretty good simulation of what will happen on November 9th.   The script used is not the actual script that will be used for the national test.

After the test, the video shows how to bail out of the national test in the event that a valid EAN is not received.  This is important information, as this particular failure has occurred many times in the past.  If the LP-1 or PEP station that transmitted the test fails to send a valid EOM, the EAS unit will continue to transmit that station’s programming indefinitely.  If the LP-1 or PEP station resumes regular programming while the EAS unit is relaying their programming over the air, that would be a good indication that the LP-1 or PEP station has failed to send a valid EOM.

Update: Paper work is required.

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2 thoughts on “National EAS Test Video”

  1. Am I missing something here or is this event no different from the monthly tests we’ve all been running for years? Certainly, the message is longer and originates from Washington instead of the local primary stations, but everything else seems the same. The most remarkable thing is the haphazard manner in which it has been announced and detailed. Are we all expected to stumble upon this information through random internet searches and blog postings?

  2. Lee: Sounds about right to me. I only found out about filling out the required forms yesterday. Seems odd, but then again…

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