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Sounds like some dire prediction, but no, actually it is a good radio show heard on Shortwave, WWCR-2 to be precise.  The show, at least during the weeks that I heard it, consisted of blues and other music that you likely won’t hear anywhere else.  Allan Gray, the host, also often interviews musicians and other persons of note.  I stumbled on this show a few weeks ago while listening to 12,160 KHz on Saturday afternoon. WWCR is touted as “World Wide Christian Radio” and there are many religious shows to be sure.  They also air several secular programs like World of Radio, Golden Age of Radio, DX Partyline and Ask WWCR and Info Wars, and others.

Allan Gray

From reading their schedule, Last Radio Playing can be heard on WWCR-2 Tuesdays at 5 pm est (5,070 KHz), Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm EST (12,160 KHz), and on WWCR-3 at 8 pm (4,840 KHz).  WWRC is located in Nashville, TN.  They have four Continental 418 HF transmitters with a carrier power of 100 KW each.  WWCR-2 uses an azimuth of 85 degrees true and WWCR-3 uses an azimuth of 40 degrees true, both into Rhombic antennas with 14 dBi gain.

Today the show consisted of Christmas Music, which on the AM wide band receiver, sounded pretty good.  Anyway, if you are so inclined, tune in and take a listen.

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10 thoughts on “Last Radio Playing”

  1. They’ve had the Continentals now about 15 years. There was a fire back around 1994 that burned the place to the ground. All of the original Gates/Harris SW100’s were completely burned to a crisp as well as just about everything else at the site, I am told. I am not sure if the cause of the blaze was ever determined or not. They originally appeared on 5065 kHz. with much success, and stayed there for all of ten years, then moved up 5 kHz. to 5070 kHz. while adding new bands. Their Achilles heel is TVA, which produces about the cheapest electrical power in North America. Running 4-100 kW AM rigs simultaneously would draw about 1.2 megawatts demand and you can imagine what the electric bill would be with coal-fired or nuclear plants. Running a 100 kW UHF TV (NTSC) around here ran about $10,000 per month in electricity, so the costs of operation can be enormous.

  2. Thanks Mr. Grey for the good music tonight! (10 June 2012)No problems hearing 9350 signal! Wow! I will be tuning for more! 73 Mark

  3. Was that “Spoonful” you played on Oct 6th? and if so was it the blues standard written by Willie Dixon and first recorded in 1960 by Howlin’ Wolf.?


  4. Hi Larry. No, I did not know any of those things, then again, I am not Allan Gray. Perhaps you should contact Allan and ask him.

  5. I have been listening to your show on Friday at 7:00 pm on 9350 in Edgewater FL. Sounds great on my 1939 RCA Tube radio and I hope your show will continue for a long time. Many Thanks for the great music.

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