Glenn Beck says Glenn Beck is un-American

Glenn Beck criticised Glenn Beck for rocking out to Bruce Springstein’s song Born in the USA for twenty six years without ever listening to the lyrics.  Beck said of Beck:  “What looser listens to a song for twenty six years and does not know what it means? I mean, this Bruce Springstein, who does he think he is writing a song like that?  Why would anyone listen to it?”

Then Glenn Beck said that listening to, singing, humming along, or simply owning a copy of “Born in the USA,” was un-patriotic, promotes the Communist, Socialist, Nazi agenda and might even be illegal in some states, including Glennbeckistan.   In fact, the two biggest things that are wrong with this country is the slow creeping communism from Cuba, and this song.  Well, perhaps not those exact words, but close enough.

Yep, sounds really, really bad to me.