This is fine

How’s the weather? Well today, it will be orange outside.

3rd Avenue, Manhattan, no filters
The Manhattan sun, about 2 pm

No need to panic, however. Something or other about wildfires in eastern Canada is the cause.

3M P-100 Protective respirator

Fortunately, I have some protective gear in the vehicle. I always carry a hard hat, high vis vest, steel towed boots, and this mask. It comes in handy if there is mold or in this case smoke. A P-100 respirator will filter out Organic Vapors/ Acid Gases (chlorine gas, hydrogen chloride/sulfur dioxide or chlorine dioxide or hydrogen sulfide) – Class 1 and Particulate.

The P-2.50 Particulate monitor had a peak of 248 micrograms per cubic meter, which is very unhealthy.

Doing a bit of outside work today

I had to do my normal weekly outside maintenance items. Looks silly, I know, but I feel great! This was about three o’clock after the worst of the orange had passed.

This, on the other hand, is slightly worrying…
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5 thoughts on “This is fine”

  1. Was that way in the Western US before the wet returned lately. Had a brief surge of Canadian smoke from BC & AB a couple weeks ago.
    When the smoke was thick, dust had been lust a little more “sticky” at fresh air cooled transmitter sites. Like having smokers in the room.

  2. Fortunately, most of our sites have air conditioning. There are a couple of them that use outside air, I suppose I need to go check those and see what messes need to be cleaned up.

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