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  1. I worked on one of these (the non-HD version, the FM2000) a couple years back in a prior job. Did all the config, tweaking, tuning, etc… by myself. By the time I had it up and running we had not only a sound just as loud (if not a whisker louder) than any of the other stations in the market, we were also in the top 2 or 3 stations in terms of the cleanest sound. It was located at the transmitter site on the other end of a stereo STL hop, so we pretuned the signal by running it through an Aphex Compellor 320D for some gentle conditioning. For a signal that was nearly all analog (with a 25+ year old transmitter at the end of the chain), what the Vorsis did with the sound was nothing short of spectacular! The station has since been sold and the Vorsis got removed by the buyer for use in another project, but for a couple years at least that station sounded like solid gold thanks to the Vorsis. I can’t say enough good things about it!

  2. Rob, it is a good sounding box with a lot of neat features. Some of the newer FM processors are a bit over the top with how they quash and mash audio (I am a bit of an audio purest), however, not so the Vorsis.

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