Restarting a Harris HT35 FM transmitter

This transmitter was retuned from 107.9 to 92.9 and put back into service. Retuning an HT35 transmitter is no small matter, there are 32 pages of retune instructions.  This unit is now in service as the main transmitter for WEZF, Burlington, VT.

The transmitter power output is 22,000 watts into a four bay, three around panel antenna, which gives it an ERP of 46,000 Watts at a height of 824 meters (2,703 feet) above average terrain. The tower is at the summit of Mt. Mansfield, which is 1,340 meters (4,395 feet) above sea level.

Mount Mansfield TV and FM antennas
Mount Mansfield TV and FM antennas

This is the Mt. Mansfield FM transmitter room. There are two TV stations in this building as well.

Final frames are of the WVPS Nautel NV-40 transmitter.

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7 thoughts on “Restarting a Harris HT35 FM transmitter”

  1. Mike, I don’t know why that is, but you are right; those covers are important because they protect the tower from rime ice.

  2. I was told they serve two purposes. One for the Rime Ice, and Two to reduce the wind loading on the towers.
    (People forget that Mt Mansfield gets “close to Mt Washington” wind speeds…)

    I think it is interesting that those sections are removable, unless it was damaged.

  3. Chris, that is sort of funny. I remember seeing pictures of that transmitter at the old transmitter site, down the hill slightly from the new site.
    Mike, you are right, the winds at the summit, especially from the west, can be terrific. I have seen pictures with that shield intact, I wonder if it was damaged in some way.

  4. I am really overdue for a return trip to that mountain top too. I know another FM is now up there, and I haven’t been since the FMs moved into the old 3 space.

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