Work Ethic

We have this guy that works for us who is atypical. We call him Pete because that is his name.  The other day, he was slacking off on the job again, this time figuring out how to take a nap in a transmitter:

Pete working on a Harris FM25K
Pete working on a Harris FM25K

What are we going to do with him?

Actually, he is rebuilding the grid tuning section (AKA input tuning section), which is no small matter.  Soon, we will have this 26 year old transmitter running good as new, or better than new.  It already sounds much better on the air than it did before, the input tuning is broader and there is much less AM noise.

Currently, it is running about 70% power while we wait for a replacement amplifier from Silicon Valley Power Amps.

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2 thoughts on “Work Ethic”

  1. That is a cool looking old transmitter, Pham. Probably uses as much or more electricity than the DX100 next to it for half the carrier power. The marvels of modern modulation techniques.

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