The LED work light

As is often the case when doing studio wiring, some type of work light is needed, especially when working inside studio furniture.  Having a good work light makes it easier to see wire colors and usually means fewer mistakes, thus the installation work goes faster.  I remember being questioned by the CFO of the last company I worked for when making purchases like this in the past:

CFO “Fifty-nine dollars for a work light?  Did we really need that?”

Myself: “Yes.”



CFO: “Uh, care to expound on that at all?”

Myself: “No.”

The studio I was working in yesterday didn’t even have its overhead lights installed yet, so work lights were a must.

Normally, some type of halogen or incandescent light is used.  The downside to these types of work lights is excess heat, especially inside studio furniture cabinets.  I have often felt like the side of my face was getting sunburned when working in close quarters with one of these units.

Fortunately, we bought this light:

LED work light
LED work light
LED work light
LED work light

Say or think what you will about global warming, environmentalists and so on.  The high-efficiency LED light works very well and kept me from boiling when punching down wires.  As with most LED lights, it has a high blue content, which most people find a little harsh.  I like this light temperature for detail wiring work.  It has an internal battery plus a plug-in wall wart for recharging and using as a wired light.

Not that I have any loyalty to that particular brand, but the light worked very well.  I am not sure how durable it is, it seems a little light duty.  That being said, I’d recommend it.

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5 thoughts on “The LED work light”

  1. Thanks for that, Paul. I’d been wondering about these. I’ve had situations where the old incandescent or mercury-tube worklights either failed with no spare bulb, or – in one instance – ignited some vapors in the area due to their heat output.

  2. Pete MacArthur called me that once. I’m still Tom, Tommy, or T-Bone. Which ever you prefer. I actually run the show in the ‘burg now. My, how the time has gone by.

  3. 3 amp battery 4 hours of light isn’t bad. Having a battery strong enough to go 12 hours would be much more better. I know some of you are thinking the same

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