It’s cold enough to…

Cause the STL receiver to unlock.  A quick peak at the thermometer this morning showed -12° F outside.  Meanwhile, out on the island, the WICC TFT STL receiver decided that it was just too cold to continue and gave up the ghost.  Weak sister.  This created quite a bit of hiss on the WICC signal until about 11 AM, when the program director finally called me to tell me of the situation.

Via remote control, we switched over to the backup analog 8 KHz 15 KHz TELCO line, which sounds fine, given the talk radio program material.

Unfortunately, vehicle access to the transmitter site is now gone.  I have the option of taking the Bridgeport harbor master boat over to the dock and walking .9 miles, or driving to the Long Beach parking lot and walking 1.3 miles in order to repair it.  This will likely be tomorrow, as the weather is supposed to be better, 36°F and light snow.  Well, it is what I get paid to do.

Pleasure Beach, Bridgeport, CT
Pleasure Beach, Bridgeport, CT

Regarding the analog 8 KHz TELCO line, that is an anomaly.  These analog circuits where used to wire the country together, once delivering all of the network programming to affiliate stations before the widespread use of satellites.  They require unloaded dry pairs and normally have an equalizer on the Z (far) end.  Nowadays everything is digital, try and find a tech to repair one of these circuits when it goes down.  Fortunately, this is a short distance circuit.

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6 thoughts on “It’s cold enough to…”

  1. That is a 15 Khz EQ stereo pair that is used for back up
    out there. At one time when the studios were located at 177 state street we could not get a STL shot out to the beach Due to the larage Peoples Bank building blocking the shot.
    At that time the station was running C quam stereo. When the station was moved to 2 Lafayette square we were able to get a nice shot then and was able to locate the antennas in the attic to prevent vandals doing damage.

  2. Knowing these ‘penny-wise and dollar-foolish’ group owners of today, they apparently think nothing about insulating, heating, or much less maintaining their facilities along with HEAT! If they had their heads screwed on right, they could spend a few bucks sealing cold air intake spots, adding insulation, and installing a few electric baseboard heaters in the equipment room set at 50 degrees F. Well, I guess it keeps Paul in business, but what did the service call cost them, especially with a station located on an island in the middle of winter?

  3. John, you are correct, there is no heat out there and there should be at least something in the transmitter room. You are also right; it keeps me busy, but truth be told, I’d rather be doing something more productive than going back and fixing the same problems over and over again.

  4. Not too difficult to get these analog lines repaired in Canada. Our Telco up here , Bell, still maintains and services them.

  5. Goodness, Bobby Gray. Now there is a name I’dnt heard in quite some time. Shoot ya an offline missive I will.

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