Tower down

You know it is going to be a bad day when:

a farmer mowing grass took a wrong turn on June 16, KFEQ AM lost a guy wire and eventually one of its four towers came toppling down

From Above Ground Level magazine.

Is hiring the farmer down the road to come and mow the AM field a smart thing to do?  It depends, I suppose, on whether or not your towers will be standing afterward.  Hopefully, the guy had some insurance, if not then the station is basically screwed.  The article did not mention that, although it did state that “The station is weighing its options,” Which does not sound good.

The good news is at least they were doing the maintenance.  Most AM stations these days don’t even bother to mow the fields.  Look at this picture:

Tall grass at an AM transmitter site.  Owner says don't cut it.
Tall grass at an AM transmitter site. Owner says don’t cut it.

It is not that I don’t want the grass cut, I do.  However, I am not going to pay for it out of my own pocket, that is ridiculous.  So, it grows.

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One thought on “Tower down”

  1. The bad thing about leaving it grow, is that eventually other trees and shrubs will seed themselves and you will end up with a jungle and probably different operating parameters of your antenna system. We have invested in a ASV Skid-Steer Track loader with brush-cutting attachment, and it goes pretty fast. You have to have a machine with a “High-Flow” hydraulic pump, but the mowing/cutting becomes actually fun with this set-up. Doing the job yourself usually makes doing the job right.

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