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Bumper Stickers

I found this box of bumper stickers at a transmitter site the other day. And you might say “A box of bumper stickers, wow.” which would be nearly identical to the reaction I had. But then I started looking through them and realized that many were from the eighties and early nineties.

It is sort of like a way back radio promotions time machine.  On the back of most of these bumper stickers there is some type of offer; 10% off, $2.00 off, etc  from different local businesses.  You remember those things; tire repair shops, miniature golf, non-chain restaurants and fast food places, retail stores that aren’t WalMart, and so on.  There were several that had bumper sticker spotting contests, including one, where if the bumper sticker was spotted covering another radio station’s bumper sticker, they would stop you on the spot and give you $1,500.00.  Now that is exciting!

I picked a few of the more interesting examples out:

Radio Station bumper stickers

Radio Station bumper stickers

Being an engineer and coming upon new, unknown data, I decided to quantify it.  Therefore I made a spreadsheet of all the different radio stations and any other information I could find on the back of the bumper sticker:

Call Sign or Identifier Frequency Location Date
92 MOO 92 FM ?? ??
94.9 ZHT 94.9 Mhz Colorado 1998
B.Rock 97.7 MHz ? ?
B96 96 FM Chicago, IL 1990
CFX-95 95 FM Central Michigan ??
FM 96 96 FM Montreal, QC 1985
Groove 103.1 103.1 MHz ?? ??
KAKS KISS 108 108 FM ?? ??
KATD 95.3 FM ?? ??
KAT-FM 92.9 MHz ?? ??
KATT 100.5 MHz Oklahoma City, OK 1988
KBBY 95 FM ?? ??
KBOO 90.7 MHz Portland, OR 1986
KBPI 105.9 MHz Colorado ??
KCFO 102 FM ?? 1984
KCFX 101 FM Overland Park, KS ??
KDKA 1020 KHz Pittsburgh, PA 1986
KEDG 103.5 MHz Las Vegas , NV 1993
KENO AM Stereo 1460 KHz Las Vegas, NV 1988
KEGL 97.1 MHz ?? ??
KFMG 107.9 MHz San Diego 1983
KGBX 1260 AM ?? ??
KHIP 93.5 MHz San Francisco, CA Early 80’s
KHTR 103 FM St. Louis, MO 1983
KIIS 102.7 MHz Los Angeles, CA 1988
KISS 108 FM 108 FM Medford, MA 1992
KLBS 1330 KHz ?? ??
KLZX 93 FM ?? 1989
KMEL 106.1 MHz CA? ??
KMEL 106 FM CA? 1990
KMET 94.7 MHz ?? ??
KMGX 104 FM ?? ??
KMJI 100 FM Englewood, CO 1986
KNCI 98.5 MHz ?? ??
KOMP 92.3 MHz Las Vegas, NV 1986
KOUL 103.7 Mhz ?? ??
KPXI 100.7 MHz ?? ??
KRKO 1380 KHz ?? 1990
K-Rock 1310 AM Stereo Albuquerque, NM 1989
KRQR 97.3 MHz San Francisco, CA ??
KSHE 95 FM St. Louis, MO ??
KSHE 95 ? St. Louis, MO 1995
KTAR 620 KHz Phoenix, AZ ??
KTYD 99.9 MHz ?? 1984
KUFO 98 FM ?? ??
KVIL 103.7 MHz ?? ??
KXOJ 100.9 MHz ?? 2000
KXXX 105.3 MHz Kern County ? 1990
KYMS 106.3 FM CA ?? 1986
KYNK 1430 AM ?? ??
KYST Radio Alegria 920 KHz ?? ??
KZOK 102.5 FM ?? ??
KZST 100 FM Santa Rosa, CA ??
KZZP 104.7 MHz ?? 1989
Pirate Radio 100.3 MHz ?? ??
Pirate Radio 100.3 100.3 MHz ?? ??
Power 104 104 FM Huntsville, AL 1986
Power 106 FM 106 FM Los Angeles, CA ??
Q-105 & 1380 AM 105 FM/1380 AM Tampa, FL ??
Q-106.5 106.5 Mhz St. Louis, MO 1989
Q-94 94 FM Cookeville, TN 1983
Rock 103 103 FM Memphis, TN 1984
Rock 105 105.9MHz Nashville, TN ??
Rock 107 107 FM PA 1983
Top 106 FM 106 FM ?? ??
TV-69 Channel 69 Gainesville, FL 1986
WAAF 107 FM ?? ??
WAIL 99.5 FM Key West, FL 1987
WALK 97.5 Mhz Long Island, NY 1992
WAPE 95 FM Orlando ??
WAZY 96 ½ 96.5 MHz ?? 1990
WBAP 820 Khz Dallas, TX 1986
WBFG 97.7 MHz Effingham, IL 1987
WBT 1110 KHz Charlotte, NC ??
WCBW 105 FM St Louis, MO ??
WCCC 106.9 Mhz Hartford, CT ??
WCKX 106.3 MHz ?? ??
WCNX 1150 KHz Middletown, CT 1984
WCUZ 101.3 FM/1230 AM Greenville, SC 1987
WDVE 102.5 MHz Pittsburgh, PA ??
WGN 720 KHz Chicago, IL 1986
WHHU Y-102 102 FM ?? 1988
WHLY 106 FM Orlando, FL 1986
WHTZ Z-100 100 FM New York, NY Early 90’s
WIYY 98 FM ?? ??
WIZN 106.7 Mhz Burlington, VT 1990
WJMX 106 FM ?? ??
WJZM 1400 AM ?? ??
WKLH 96 FM ?? ??
WKVT 92.7 Mhz Vermont 1992
WLIZ 98.7 Mhz Detroit, MI 1985
WLLZ 98.7 FM ?? ??
WMAS 95 FM Springfield, MA 1990
WMAS 1450 AM Springfield, MA 1990
WMJQ 102 FM Gainesville, FL 1993
WMLI 96.3 Mhz Dane County ? 1989
WMMQ 92.7 MHz Lansing, MI 1985
WMMS 100.7 MHz ?? ??
WNEW 102.7 FM New York, NY 1989
WNFI I-100 100 FM Ormond Beach, FL 1984
WOVR 103 FM ??
WPSC 88.7 (TV-6) Wayne, NJ ??
WQUT 101 FM ?? 1986
WQXM 98 FM Tampa, FL 1983
WRKT 104 FM/1300 AM Broward co, FL 1984
WRO 95 FM ?? ??
WRQK 107 FM 1986
WRRO 1440 KHz ?? ??
WRSI 95.3 FM Greenfield, MA 1985
WRX 103.7 Mhz ?? ??
WSHO SHO Radio 98.3/103.5 FM Schenectady, NY 1989
XX FM 95 95 MHz Honolulu, HI 1986
Y-95 95 FM St. Louis, MO 1988
Z-100 100 FM New York, NY ??
Zeta 94.9 94.9 FM ?? 1987


Well, if anyone is interested in any of these, contact me off line.  There were some other, generic stickers like “Good times, Great Oldies” that did not have any identifying information.

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12 comments to Bumper Stickers

  • Louie Gannon

    I am very interested but could not find a way to contact you. Please contact by email Thanks Louie

  • 92MOO, WMOO 92.1 in Newport, VT. (http://www.necrat.us/wmoo_pro.html), KAKS (Now KZRK-FM) 107.9 Canyon, TX., KATD (Now KRTY) 95.3 Los Gatos, CA, KBBY-FM 95.3 Ventura, CA, KEGL 97.1 Fort Worth, TX., KGBX (Now KSGF) 1260 Springfield, MO., KLBS 1330 Los Banos, CA., KMEL 106.1 San Francisco, CA., KMET (Now KTWV) 94.7 Los Angeles, CA., KMGX (Now KFBT) Hanford, CA., KNCI (Now KRXQ), Sacramento, CA. (KNCI is still in Sac-town on 105.1 FM)., KOUL 103.7 Refugio, TX., KVIL 103.7 Highland Park-Dallas, TX., KXOJ-FM 100.9 Sapulpa, OK., KXXX is actually KKXX 105.3 in Delano, CA (Which is in Kern County), KYMS (Now KALI-FM) 106.3 Santa Ana, CA., KZOK 102.5 Seattle, WA., KZZP 104.7 Mesa, AZ., Pirate Radio 100.3, KQLZ Los Angeles (Now KSWD). WAAF 107.3 Worcester (now Westborough), MA. (http://www.necrat.us/1073worcester.html), WAZY 96.5 Lafayette, IN., WCKX (Now WXMG) London, OH., WIYY 98, 97.9 Baltimore, MD. (That was the station that the morning crew had dumped their coffee into the radio board two months ago.), WJMX (Now WYNN-FM) Florence, SC., WJZM 1400 Clarksville, TN., WKLH 96.5 Milwaukee., WLLZ (Now WDZH) 98.7 Detroit., WMMS 100.7 Cleveland, one of the great rock n roll stations. Many very popular rock bands got their start there. (http://www.necrat.us/wmms.html)., WOVR 103, was on 103.1 but moved to 102.9 in Columbus, IN. (http://www.necrat.us/wxch.html), WQUT 101.5, Johnston City, TN., WRO?, WRQK-FM 106.9 Canton, OH, WRRO (now WHKZ) Warren, OH., WRX (WWRX),(now WVEI-FM) is a massive southern New England signal. 103.7 (http://www.necrat.us/1037providence.html). Zeta 949 was WZTA (Now WMGE) in Miami, FL. Hope some of these help!

  • Paul Thurst

    Thanks, Mike. I knew somebody out there would have more information than I did.

  • Paul,
    I am VERY interested in these stickers if they haven’t already been claimed. Please contact me. Check out the website to see where they will eventually end up.



  • Paul Thurst

    Hey Greg, regret to say, the bumper stickers are already spoken for…

  • Kerry Abel

    KHIP 93.5 was licensed to Hollister (but serving mainly Santa Cruz County). Now moved to 93.1 as KXSM, doing “Radio Lazer” syndicated regional Mexican.

  • Rob

    I collect bumper stickers I missing one WDVE sticker

  • Ken

    Hi Paul. If you are interested in adding to your collection, I found a ton of stickers in my stuff…..I posted them on eBay.


  • gian carlo panzeri

    My name is Gian Carlo, I’m 62 years old and I am an Italian man seriously collecting stickers of worldwide radio and TV stations. I have found your address on your web site and I’ve thought to write you hoping that you too are so kind to send me your stickers (or self-adhesive labels) by mail (if it’s possible) to the following address:


    Yours truly

    Gian Carlo Panzeri

  • The Q-94 you are talking about is WGSQ out of Cookeville, TN. This was a few years before WGSQ became “The Country Giant”. The station had formerly been WPTN-FM which signed on in the 1960s or 1970s.

  • Jim Seaman

    WPSC – Wayne, NJ belongs to William Paterson University, my alma mater. I was the chief engineer there when it was a carrier-current operation on AM 590. The station didn’t get an FM license until years later in 1989. That 89PSC sticker is no later than the mid-90’s, and the “Laser Hits” slogan was a reference to all the music airing from CD which was a big deal at the time. Incidentally the old TV6 audio carrier was just below the FM band at 87.75, not 88.7 MHz as shown in your table. The upper edge of TV6 stops at 88 MHz.

    Jim Seaman

  • Robert Lloyd


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