November 2010
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Everything is fine, why do you ask?

I found this picture of Bob Struble’s vacation last summer:

HD radio flagship

To the uninitiated, this might seem quite alarming; boat sinking, rigging all ahoo, this poor guy waiting rescue or certain death.  But to understand what is going on here, you have to see the whole picture.   Things are not what they seem, in fact, it’s designed that way:

The rest of the story

All this time, I have been lamenting the technical flaws IBOC, when really; its supposed to do that.  Holy cow!  All these years of wondering, “What the fuck are they thinking?” and decrying HD Radio, especially AM HD radio.  Boy am I embarrassed.  Makes me want to do this:

Baghdad Bob Bob Struble latest quote, brought to bold typed prominence on the pages of Radio World magazine:  “Consumers now expect to see album covers when they listen to music.”  I think he means album art, but anyway.

You mean to tell me HD radio is failing because of lacking album art!  Of all the Bob Struble quotes, to prominently feature this one in their article makes me think 1) the editors at Radio World have a sense of humor, or 2) they have a sense or irony, or both.

So anyway, there you have it: Album Art.  The rest of the so called technical flaws are “design features” that will enhance HD radio in the long run.  They’ve got us right were they want us.

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2 comments to Everything is fine, why do you ask?

  • “Insignia Buyers May Not Get The Picture”

    “The new Insignia HD Radio portable, which includes images and live pause that can cache up to 15 minutes of live radio, will arrive in Best Buy stores October 24. Priced at $69, it costs $20 more than the previous model. But for buyers in some cities a key feature may be months or years away.”

    For those few consumers that purchase the new Insignia, expect mass returns, except from those that are affiliated with HD Radio stations. Maybe, Struble gets to count returns as sales, anyway?

    “Show Radio In A New Light”


    Eric Rhoads is back at it again haucking the new Insignia, and like the original Mighty Red, will sell out in hours! How much longer can this Mighty BS continue? LOL!

  • GregS

    Am I missing something here? Unless you’re sitting there watching your radio, why would you want album art? Most people listen to the radio while doing something else. Like driving their cars. Is providing album art really going to make this a better experience?

    Album art is useful in digital music players because it helps the listener find the music he wants to hear. But with radio, where the user has no control over what music comes next, it would be nothing but eye candy.

    Counter example: the success of Apple’s Shuffle iPods, which have no screens at all, demonstrates that the lack of album art is not actually a drawback to large numbers of people, even when it would be useful to have it.

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