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Burk Autopilot

The old version of the software, that is. I like the graphical interface, just one glance is all that is needed:

Burk auto pilot

Burk auto pilot

I have not had a chance to fool around with the newer version, the screen shots on the Burk website look a little bit different.

The set up and programming of macros is pretty easy; power/pattern change times, Pre-sunrise, post sunset functions, automatic tower light monitoring, AM Directional Antenna readings, and automatic transmitter restoration routines.  If programmed correctly, the software can eliminate many of those late night/early morning phone calls, which is always a good goal.

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4 comments to Burk Autopilot

  • Very nice, Paul !
    I have chance to use ARC Plus from BURK http://burk.com/Applications/TransmitterControl.aspx
    and MAC216 from DAVICOM
    They’re both cool products for Remote Trasmitter Control.

  • Paul Thurst

    DAVICOM looks like a good unit. I’ll have to look into that one a little bit more.

  • Walter

    It still frustrates me that Burk won’t support SNMP. I don’t want to use two different monitoring systems to monitor my servers/network and RF plant. No offense to Burk, but AutoPilot is small time compared to most network monitoring systems…
    I’ve been using Nagios and Broadcast Tools boxes for a WAY lower capital cost. Setup however is pretty steep, lots of Linux skill required.

  • Paul Thurst

    @Walter, I always though the Burk network interface was somewhat clunky. They got started with the ARC-16 before 802.x networks became all the rage. There newer product, ARC-16+ is a redesign, I have yet to play around with one, so I haven’t formed an opinion. The advantage of autopilot is it has a simple user friendly GUI. Almost any radio worker should be able to figure it out. Anything LINX or BSD is going to be a bear for the uninitiated.

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