First World Problems

Some kid in class actually said this to me last night:

Problems from the first world
Problems from the first world

Oh, the horror!

Classes have started up again! I am taking a few night classes, the most interesting of which is advanced routing, including BGP and IPV6. Apologies in advance for any lack of posts or unanswered comments.

2 thoughts on “First World Problems”

  1. Good Luck, I had to teach myself BGP when I was forced into making it work in my day job, joyous times. Now it’s easily done in my sleep. Still getting up to speed on ipv6, planning to deploy it across our network first quarter of 2014.

  2. There is an actual answer to this:

    Linux multitasks *much* more smoothly than Windows does; if you have to run one OS on the other, put Linux underneath.

    Better, run a stripped down host, and guest both OSs.

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