Nautel NV/NX firmware release

This is a Youtube video of the Nautel webinar regarding the NV and NX 4.0 firmware release.  I missed the original, live version due to other commitments.  For your viewing pleasure (55 minutes):

The upgrade seems a bit lengthy, but well worth it. Do not be scared away by Linux, which is a wonderful operating system. Once one understands some basic Linux commands, the operating system itself is very intuitive. I’d recommend anyone with interest in IT and networking to have a basic grasp of Linux and other open source software.

One thought on “Nautel NV/NX firmware release”

  1. Paul sez:
    >> Do not be scared away by Linux <<

    He's right. It's already in your smartphone, your cable tv box, and its probably handling your car's computing needs. Everything seems to be working OK. A handful of key commands are good to know, but you can still run the station under Linux using the GUI, just like Windows.

    BTW, there's a great (free!) Linux-based radio automation suite called "Rivendell" you should be checking out. I've used it since 2006 and it rocks.

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