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Recently, a comment was placed on the blog regarding donation of used consoles. This comment generated a lot of interest. However, I attempted to contact the commenter using the email address supplied, which bounced back.  I have since put the comment and all related comments into the moderation queue until I can contact the owner.  If it turns out to be legitimate, I will put it back up.

Regarding commenting in general, I don’t mind people putting things up for donation or whatnot, but use a real email address when you do.  Those that wish to contact you will do it off line.  Once that person to person contact is established, I am out of the loop and not a part of any deals that develop as a result.

WordPress uses email addresses to establish commenting identity.  All first time comments are placed in the moderation queue until I can look at it and approve it.  All comments with links also get moderated.  I do not do anything with the information collected by the blogging software, other than to occasionally squint at the email addresses of those comments in the moderation queue to establish identity.  You can use a fake email address if you want, however, I often contact people off line if there are questions etc.  Do not place your email address or phone number in the comment itself as you will be inundated with spam.  When I see this, I remove the contact information before the comment is approved.

I am busy with school, hence the lack of new posts.  I should be temporarily out of the woods after finals in the middle of December.  There are many projects going on which would make interesting posts, I just do not have the time to do the subject matter justice.

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  1. I run a website for radio amateurs to post equipment for sale, although quite frankly, 99% of the listings come from ebay.

    Do you think there is any demand for a similar type of site for used or surplus broadcast equipment for sale or donation?

    I could envision a category in which listing equipment for donation would be free of charge. Such a site could ease the matchmaking process.

    What do y’all think?

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