Leave Rush Alone

The man is an instigator, a pot stirrer, and a knave.  I find his show boring, predicable, uninformative and uninspired, a three hour long recitation of Republican talking points.  I agree with almost nothing he says.

That being said, the reaction to the latest Rush Limbaugh shock jock provocation seems irrational.   Gloria Allred, an attorney herself, declared he should be arrested.  Really?  You should know better than that, after all that fancy law schoolin’ and such.  The Los Angles City Council passed a resolution banning intolerable radio speech.  Called “largely symbolic” which is double speak, one wonders what symbols we should associate with such a measure.

The reason for the first amendment to the constitution is to prevent the very slippery slope of banned speech and censorship.

It is time to reacquaint people with some of the basic controls on a radio.  The first is called the “tuning knob” or on modern radios, the “seek” button.  You can press (or turn) this when you are not hearing something to your liking.  The other control know on the radio is the “volume” knob.  This can be used to turn the radio volume down or off.

As far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned, if enough people use the aformentioned radio controls, he will eventually end up on XM/Sirius, where all big DJ’s go to fade away, with the likes of Howard Stern and Oppie and Anthony.  It would be far better to allow the market to decide Rush Limbaugh’s fate, than to try and wage some type of questionable legal war on free speech.

2 thoughts on “Leave Rush Alone”

  1. Or just simply let Rush go in one ear and right out the other if you don’t agree with him! LOL!!

  2. It’s a sorry indictment of our chosen profession when a large majority of the working middle class doesn’t trust the
    big media outlets to hold our politicians accountable.

    The older I get… the more bad politicians I see….
    The more I’m proud that we do have commentators like Rush
    to give their point of view.

    What free country needs a state-run media ?

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