SOPA/PIPA protest

Yesterday, January 18, 2012, I blacked out for the day in protest of the internet censorship bill working its way through congress colloquially known as SOPA or PIPA.  There were some 17,000 or more others that did the same.

SOPA PIPA protest screen shot
SOPA PIPA protest screen shot

If the internet is indeed the new media, destined to replace the old media, then having in place draconian restrictions that allow the government to block websites and content with no due process for the website owner is censorship, plain and simple.  Imagine a country where the government can come in and shut down any newspaper, TV station or Radio station, give no reason other than some weak statement about copy write laws.  See also: China, North Korea, Cuba, Soviet Russia, etc.

It is important to check the corporate power in this country.  It is widely reported that Congress has a 9% approval rating.  It is also hard to imagine their approval rating is actually that high.  While signing petitions and writing senators and congressman may provide some relief, the shortest path to ending this is to boycott the corporate sponsors of the legislation.  Hitting companies bottom line will speak louder than any internet protest, petition, letter writing campaign, etc.  Thus, if so inclined, here is a list of producer companies that like the idea of internet censorship.

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