A little bit of information on what an AM HD Radio exciter looks like:

IBOC exciter, AM HD Radio
IBOC exciter, AM HD Radio

That is a Nautel version. The Harris version is called the “Dexstar,” Which has been nicknamed the “Deathstar” by those that work in the field. I was calling it the Harris Disaster, but found that nick name to be ambiguous.

2 thoughts on “Photoreconnaissance”

  1. Yeah, I gotta hand it to Bob Savage. Talk about an up hill battle. One of the most telling things that has developed as of late, WHAM has turned off it’s night time HD Radio so as not to interfere with WWVA. The latter is operating at reduced power into a temporary wire antenna until it can rebuild it’s transmitting towers. Sort of a back door admission of guilt, if you ask me.

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