DigiKey mobile app

Ever need to cross reference something? Or find a part fast? Get it ordered and on the way? No longer satisfied with the meager Radio Shack parts selection? Don’t have time to run to Radio Shack?

DigiKey has a mobile app for you.  Its not that I like Digikey better than any of the other major parts dealers like Mouser, Newark, Allied, etc.  They seem to be the first ones with a searchable mobile app and it seems to work well and it saves time.  One of the things that I do not have very much of these days is time so anything that can move a project or repair along is welcome.

I also don’t have anything against Radio Shack, either, they have simply moved away from the parts business.

One thought on “DigiKey mobile app”

  1. Their prices are the highest in the industry and I gave up on them long ago. (Typical of Minnesota mentality)

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