Nautel YouTube channel

Nautel, Ltd., which always seems to be a forward thinking company, has their very own YouTube channel. Okay, that is not such a big deal, I have my own YouTube channel too.

There are lots of video on how to configure a NV transmitter, which, as I have said before, fancy GUIs are all well and good, I am more concerned with the MOSFETS generating the RF.  I would forgo the GUI in favor of more more reliability, but that’s just me.

I would put the DRM+ video up on the blog, but the embed function is disabled.  Anyway, I enjoyed watching many of these, you might too.

One thought on “Nautel YouTube channel”

  1. What’s wrong with solid state technology generating the RF? With one tube, you loose redundancy. Tube fails, you’re off air. If one solid state PA fails, you may be at slightly reduced power, but still on air.

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