Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Update2: Repost from last year.

Alice’s Restaurant is a Thanksgiving tradition at most radio stations I worked at over the years, normally played around 12 noon or so.

Courtesy of YouTube, here is Arlo himself telling the story with some clips from the movie of the same name to go along with it:

A few years go some other guy, Adam something or other, that tried cash in with a Thanksgiving Song of his own, which sounds an awful lot like the Chanukah song he also did.

Update1: Jeez, there is apparently a Wikipedia article about everything.  Here is teh background on Alice’s Rest-a-raunt.

For those familiar with WKRP, here is the Turkey Drop:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkey Drop

In one of the better TV shows about radio, newsman Less Nessman reports live on the “WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop give away”

Happy Thanksgiving – WKRP Turkey Drop – kewego
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I always liked that show. “As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

I tried to embed “Alice’s Restaurant” but you tube wouldn’t let me, so here is the link, if you haven’t heard it this year and are feeling so inclined.

Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.