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Common’ Baby

Who is that old guy standing next to Chubby Checker?

Chubby Checker and yours truly

Chubby Checker and yours truly

Hey, that’s me!

And never will you meet a nicer gentleman than Chubby Checker.

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4 comments to Common’ Baby

  • Bill McCarrey

    Let’s Twist again like we did last summer!

  • Don Daso

    I find your resemblance to Robert DeNiro to be pretty uncanny~!

  • chuck gennaro

    I got to meet him several years ago. (Chubby, not Paul) Has to be in his mid-70’s by now and still moves like he’s 20. If I tried o twist like that it’d be “Whole Lotta Physical Therapy going on” 🙂

  • elliot

    Danceed to his records when I was a kid ,I have photos of me doing the twist as a3- 4 year old in the Bronx!
    Must feel really good that guys like appreciate the grimy side of the stage we work on ,having brought him to his audience all these years.
    I have an “after the taping” photo of myself and James Brown 15 years ago ,I treasure it so much, more every day.

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