February 2016
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Studio Buildout, Part I

We are in the process of building a couple of new studios for one of our clients. This one involves a small market combo of one AM and four FM stations.  These stations were formerly located at one of the transmitter sites, two miles outside of town on top of a large hill.  That site could be difficult to get to during the winter and the building itself was not in the best of shape.  Thus, plans were made to move the studios to a better location.  Fortunately, we discovered that right in the village there are several suitable office buildings.

Any worthwhile project needs to be planned for.  The first consideration is the Studio to Transmitter Link (STL) paths.  Since this is a radio studio, it makes sense to located it where viable RF STL paths exist.  One might be surprised by the number times the issue of bad or non-existent RF STL paths has come up during these types of projects.

Studio to transmitter site LAN extension

Studio to transmitter site LAN extension

The next thing to check is the satellite path.  The plan right now is to keep the satellite dishes at the transmitter site, however, at some point in the future we can relocated the satellite dish to the roof of the studio building if desired.

AMC-8 satellite path

AMC-9 satellite path

The floor space was measured out and I drew out a floor plan:

Walton Studio floor plan

Walton Studio floor plan

Before we started work, all of the walls were painted and new carpeting installed.

Almost nothing at the old studio is worth keeping. Thus, all of the furniture, consoles, racks, STLs, and other equipment needed to be ordered.  A local kitchen company traded out the counter tops, which we picked up at their facility and delivered to the studio ourselves.

Studio counter top

Studio counter top

We will build risers for these on site then mount the consoles and such.

New Studio Equipment

New Studio Equipment

In the mean time, most of the new studio equipment has been ordered and delivered. There are still some outstanding items that have not arrived, but I am assured that those are in process and should be showing up shortly.

Used equipment racks

Used equipment racks

These equipment racks came from another market, but are in good shape.

I had a good meeting with the building owner regarding roof access, a sub panel for the racks and studios and other issues.


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