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The Gates Air Flexiva 1

We just finished installing one of these units for one of our clients. This is the third one that I have dealt with in the last two years. I have to say, these transmitters are pretty cool.

Gate Air, Flexiva 1 running at 990 watts

Gate Air, Flexiva 1 running at 990 watts

We also installed a 7/8 transfer switch and a 1.5 KW test load:

New installation of transmitter, transfer switch and test load

New installation of transmitter, transfer switch and test load

Another view:

Transmitter installation

Transmitter installation

New transmitter rack, processor and remote control:

New transmitter installation

New transmitter installation

The former main transmitter, the venerable BE FM1B:

Broadcast Electronics FM1B transmitter

Broadcast Electronics FM1B transmitter

View of the 7/8 inch coax going out of the transmitter room to the tower:

Coax out to tower

Coax out to tower

Rarely, if ever, have I worked with 7/8 rigid transmission line. Usually, it is 1 5/8 or 3 inch line, which require some amount of patience when installing.

Nice little transmitter site upgrade project.

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2 comments to The Gates Air Flexiva 1

  • Elliot

    Thanks for the up to date photos on Illinois Mtn.!
    I remember the day that WPDH Continental went to air in about 1982,
    it was by far the best and only dependable FM transmitter in the market!

    Question;what’s in the old WFTI/WTBY-TV room these days?
    I suspect that 2 ton UHF antenna and waveguide( stainless steel rectangular transmission line) will be on that tower forever…

  • Nathaniel Steele

    Love those PIRA RDS encoders! I generally don’t like cheaping out on things but these have features of units costing 5X as much and the only thing they lacke is a metal case and internal PSU, which if you really need to can be added (DIY) for under $100. Still a great value! spend the extra $1,000 you save on a better remote control or processor….

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