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Out storming castles and what not

Sorry for not posting more, it just seems that most of what I am doing these days has already been covered here before. I don’t like repeating myself.  I certainly have been busy with all things related to radio engineering, including a few cool project in the works.  More details on those as they come to fruition; a couple of more transmitter installations, a cool studio installation with AOIP hardware, etc.

Even though I have not mentioned it, certain things have not escaped my attention:

  • The on going financial problems/stock crash of Cumulus Broadcasting.  TL,DR; bad decisions made, lots of people left, content still matters.
  • AM revitalization:  Band aides (no pun intended) at best, far too late for band aides.
  • HD Radio: Crickets chirping…
  • Nielsen: PPM software upgrades have arrived and been installed.  Goodbye, Voltair?

When I have the chance, there is also a cool story about an LPFM going on the air in Rochester.  Stay tuned.

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3 comments to Out storming castles and what not

  • Keep up the good work.
    I haven’t posted an update since September to my site, I know how it feels to be behind, so to speak.

    I do like it when you show photographs from inside transmitter sites I haven’t seen (but hope to, someday…), even if you’re covering stuff you have before. It’s cool to see it.

  • Elliot

    Thanks for the up to date photos on Illinois Mtn.!
    I remember the day that WPDH Continental went to air in about 1982,
    it was by far the best and only dependable FM transmitter in the market!

    Question;what’s in the old WFTI/WTBY-TV room these days?
    I suspect that 2 ton UHF antenna and waveguide( stainless steel rectangular transmission line) will be on that tower forever…

  • Jim

    I think you are the first person that I’ve come across that used the term crickets chirping in regard to HD radio. That is exactly how I described it when I heard AM stations broadcasting HD on a chrysler stock radio a few years back.

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