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I love this

Somebody sent me a link to this video, I thought I’d share:

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8 comments to I love this

  • Salvo

    Well, interesting!
    Drifting on the net I’d find also this wiki about the short movie subject …

    BTW there is on footers a remind about an interesting device WOM. That is not alone as there is a EWOM device description.

    There are also other interesting references on the same page … duh!


    PS much real today those wonderful are made of unobtanium. More and more useful things are made of that.

  • Bill Draper

    This may have been the inspiration for the Rane PI 14 Pseudoacoustic Infector Info can be found here:

  • Patrick

    My god, that hurt my head.

    Now I know what my wife goes through every time I talk about work.

  • Bob Roe

    Gotta hook one of those to the AM transmitter!. Who needs AM Revitalization, every station should go with one of these it should definitely clean up the AM band.

  • I prefer the original Bud Haggart myself,

    I always thought 6 turns of wire around a 6SN7 tube would solve anything so do we really need the Turbo Encabulator?

  • Tom Osenkowsky

    This is a hardware implementation of early technology which has been surpassed by the accomplishments of non-corporeal life forms which now control us. These amazing beings learned a valuable lesson from their Krell ancestors on Altair IV. They avoided the perils of the Id and evolved beyond the need for physical bodies.
    They have silently invaded the Earth and our lives with technologies that appear palatable to us. These include GPS, cellphones, iPods, computerized cars, aircraft, wrist watches, digital television and radio. This is a very efficient way of controlling a population without destroying infrastructure. We aimlessly obey the GPS voice. We program aircraft Flight Management Systems and the computer flies the plane. The list goes on and on.
    Do not be fooled by the seemingly innocent technologies being fed to us. The sudden appearance of non-corporeal life forms could disrupt governments and economies and cause worldwide turmoil. This is a very carefully conceived plan. I know there is noting we can do to stop it so I just accept it. It’s like arguing with a woman. Why waste resources fighting a battle you cannot win?

  • Jon Scaptura

    I’d be interested in knowing what actual components are shown in the video.

  • Mike Cornell

    I sent this to an Automation Engineer friend of mine in the UK. He and I both got a kick out of this. Thanks for posting.

    I am looking all across eBay and Grainger for a Dingle Arm. None are to be found. If anybody finds one, please let me know.

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