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As my Russian friends say:

Political Warning! Turn away now if you wish to remain blissfuly ignorent.

На сей раз Путин прав.

Who do you think you're foolin' with?

Who do you think you’re foolin’ with?

For those of you who don’t govoroo pa Rooski (speak in Russian), it says: Na sey raz Putin prav.

What, specifically, is he right about? Syria: Who caused it, the resulting humanitarian crisis, the refugees in Europe, and so on. Also, the question: What is the difference between a moderate rebel and an immoderate one? Well… Starting with the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US involvement in the region has been either grossly incompetent or blatantly evil or perhaps a combination of the two. Remember the humanitarian bombs in Libya? The opening salvo of 138 tomahawk missiles ($1.2M each)? To be sure, Muammar Gaddafi was no saint, but compared to the people who are running Libya now, he was Ma Teresa.

The US has spent approximately $500M training these “moderate rebels,” but according to the CENTCOM commander, number only “four or five.”  They are just pissing away money and our kids are going to have to pay it back.  When will somebody stand up and ask: What the hell is going on around here?

By the way; Путин не мой герой, which makes it even sadder still.

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5 comments to As my Russian friends say:

  • Henrik


    I often wonder what Putin’s main objective really is.
    To make Russia great again, or make Russia greater ?

    Not mentioning The US , the events in Iraq, and what followed.

    In Sweden we have successfully dismantled our defense forces, during the last decades, only to be
    left feeling “caught of guard” today, when our great neighbor starts to rumble again.

    Well, All’s not well. In September we had 24 306 refugees apply for asylum, mainly from Syria. Germany expects 1.5 millions this year.

    I say, If more people would be interested in Radio , HAM or professionally , the world would be a much nicer place to live in.

    Of course – The main thing is learning to and be able to respect one another.

    My 2 cents…

  • Paul Thurst

    Henrik, Putin is an opportunist, no doubt about that.

    I agree with you, more person to person contact will lead to better understanding and ability for empathy.

  • Chuck Gennaro

    Putin is not my hero either (thanks Google Translate!) but he needs to be Russia’s hero if he is to remain in power. With the economic disaster low oil and gas prices are about to bring to the motherland, a quick show of power in Syria (extra points if it’s opposing the USA) is just what the Doctor ordered for a popularity boost at home.
    $1.2 million here, $500 million there… yet we’ll propose cutting Meals on Wheels because we’re broke. I think the founders had it right in these instances…tar + feathers + politicians, some assembly required.

  • Chris R.

    If Syria wants to change, they need to do it themselves. Nothing we, Russia, or anyone else does will ever work. This seems to be the history lesson nobody ever learns. If Putin’s objective is to take over Syria, it will dog him as long as he keeps trying.

    Our mistake is we destroyed the balance of power in the middle east, such as it was.

    Time to chase the mice out of those shortwave transmitters!

  • Jim Seaman

    With respect to Syria, Putin is presently cleaning up the USA’s mess and apparently making short work of it too. With respect to Russia, the whole Russian crisis since Maidan is obvious power politics. All Putin has done is to defend Russia’s interests. The late unpleasantness started with Ukraine which is of no strategic interest to the USA. When the USSR collapsed, the West assumed that Russia would behave like a larger version of France which is allowed some liberties while it nurses its wounded pride, and remembers past imperial glories. The West generally discounts any notion that Russia has its own interests. The eastward expansion of NATO is seen as double-cross, and revived many fears, in Russia.

    It was 74 short years ago that a major European power swept across Ukraine in less than three weeks to invade the Russian heartland. That invader reached the Volga river and the Moscow suburbs before it was pushed back across the border 4-years later. When the smoke cleared, it cost them 27-million dead Soviets, their major cities lay in ruins, industrial capacity was devastated, an entire generation of young men was wiped out. That disaster wreaked a trauma across their society that is still within living memory. The only thing the Russians have been saying is that they are not going to let it happen again.

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