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Winter is coming…

To sort of offset the previous post; not all is bad. We have been able to install some backup power solutions before winter. The best part, we got this work done before the temperatures moved to the negative digits.

The 18 KVA UPS:

Eaton Powerware 9170+ 18 KVA UPS

Eaton Powerware 9170+ 18 KVA UPS

I like this unit. It is completely modular, with removable battery packs and hot plugable power modules, this thing looks pretty bullet proof. Here it is with the covers off:

Eaton Powerware 9170+ 18 KVA UPS covers off

Eaton Powerware 9170+ 18 KVA UPS covers off

The top six positions are power modules, each one handles 3 KVA. The bottom are the battery packs. Right now the load is about 6.5 KW and the run time is 18 minutes.  Mounted on the wall to the right, a make before break bypass switch and a 25 KVA dry core isolation transformer.

Another generator replacement:

The old and slightly long at the tooth Generac genset being hauled away.

Old generator, off to generator heaven

Old generator, off to generator heaven

New Cummins Power GGHE-1515890 60 KW propane genset, test under load:

Cummins power generator, test with 35% load

Cummins power generator, test with 35% load

With gas powered generators, it is fine to break them in with fairly light loads. I think the maximum load this unit will see with current transmitter equipment is 60%, and that is if all AC units are running, the main transmitter, the HD transmitter and the backup transmitter being tested into the load.

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5 comments to Winter is coming…

  • Chuck Gennaro

    I have a couple of those Powerware units, and several more of the Best Power Tech units that preceded them, dating back to when they were built a few miles from here in WI. Batteries seem to last 3-5 years, that’s basically the only maintenance they’ve needed. I don’t think you could have made a better choice.

  • Mike

    Speaking of winter. I have a single digit power LPFM, of course ERP 100 watt, placed high up and doing quite well. Thinking of an ice shield. Can ice shield placdment cause any issues for a single digit LPFM ERI 100 two bay antenna if too close. If one is used, what should be the distance?

  • Paul Thurst

    Mike: you should consult the manufacturer’s literature for exact details on the antenna aperture. It should say nothing mounted above or below the antenna within xx feet. Normally, one would not want anything within one wavelength of any radiating element. Sometimes less.

  • Wesley

    Just out of curiosity Paul, at 60% load, what is the rate of consumption of propane? How long will the tank (I am guessing that is a 250 gallon tank I see) keep the thing running?


  • Paul Thurst

    Wesley, sorry for the late reply. The propane tank is 1,000 gallons, which should last for a week or so. 250 gallons is far too small due to the vaporization rates in cold temperatures. I think the consumption is about 2.5 to 3 gallons per hour.

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