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Out with the old, in with the new

Pictures of a backup power systems replacement evolution at one of our clients.  The old generator was a Katolight 45FGH4, circa 1990.  The new generator is a Cummins Power GGHE-1503557 60 KW 3 phase.  Unfortunately, when the Katolight generator was moved from the previous studio location in 1998, it was never installed correctly.  The 500 gallon propane tank was undersized, the gas tubing was undersized, etc.  We fixed those items, but the damage was done.  After running too lean under load a few times, the head gasket blew and there is oil in the antifreeze and antifreeze in the oil.  It is a Ford straight six engine, and sure, we could rebuild it, but why bother.  This is a major group of stations in a very lucrative market, it makes much more sense to replace the entire unit.

Katolight Genset hooked up to the crane, ready to move

Katolight Genset hooked up to the crane, ready to move

Generator lift

Generator lift

In addition to the head gasket problem, the load on the generator has increased. Since the old generator was installed in 1998, two more stations have been added to this facility. That means another air studio, another production studio, more computers, servers, air conditioning etc. Thus, the new generator is rated for 60 KW.

Cummins Power Generator delivery

Cummins Power Generator delivery

Cummins generator lift

Cummins generator lift

After the GENSET is placed, connections for remote start, battery charger, block heater and AC power output are made. We were able to reuse the existing conduit and cable, thankfully the electricians used 3/0 AWG cable for the AC power connections to the transfer switch.

Cummins Power generator in place

Cummins Power generator in place

It appears that they have dropped the Onan name, but not the color, completely.

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4 comments to Out with the old, in with the new

  • Bob Roe

    Excellent generators! Wouldn’t mind for one at home 🙂

  • Eric Schecter

    Best generator for the money. I use Onan/Cummins products exclusively, and that says something in a market where we had a 17 hour outage during summer storms. Not a saleperson, just a satified customer. Great choice.

  • Paul Thurst

    No doubt, these are good units. This particular model has a Ford V-10 engine and a large generator winding. Big improvement over what was here before.

  • Chris R

    Have a 500kW 3 phase 480V rig that ran it’s butt off during the 2003 blackout, no sweat. The small RV types in live trucks, not so much. We switched to the MEPS units that are driven off the truck engine and never looked back.

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