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The IP enabled transmitter site

This is a project that we have been working on, weather permitting, for the last month. Basically, it called for installing this Nautel VS2.5 transmitter, mod monitor, remote control and audio processor:

WEXT Nautel VS2.5, Amsterdam, NY

WEXT Nautel VS2.5, Amsterdam, NY

The common thread here; each piece of new equipment has a web interface.  More and more, HTTP is being used to monitor and control transmitters, audio processors, STL’s, consoles, satellite receivers, etc.  Port 80 services (HTTP) are nice, but I think I would prefer port 443 (HTTPS).  Secure HTTP has a whole set of additional requirements, so it is understandable why manufactures do not use it.  However, it is only a matter of time until some problem arises…

Nautel VS2.5 Web AUI

Nautel VS2.5 Web AUI

Burk ARC Plus web interface

Burk ARC Plus web interface

Telos Omnia One web interface

Telos Omnia One web interface

I like the Nautel AUI, especially for any station running HD Radio.  In this setup, there are multiple control and monitoring points available via the LAN at the studio.  The Omnia One is set up to take the AES input from the Harris IP Link as the main feed and fail over to the analog output from the Inno Tuner as a backup.  The Inno is set to WMHT-FM which broadcasts the WEXT format on the HD-2 channel.

This setup is pretty slick, especially in light of the equipment it is replacing:

Harris FM2.5H3, WEXT Amsterdam, New York

Harris FM2.5H3, WEXT Amsterdam, New York

Anyone feeling Nostalgic for a Harris FM2.5H3?


I didn’t think so.

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8 comments to The IP enabled transmitter site

  • Gregg Richwine

    Heck, yeah…I’m in for nostalgia. Ninety percent of the time taken to do the yearly proof was trying to tweak the TE-3 so that it would (barely) pass. Pressing the plate on button and KABOOM as hot glowing chunks of resistor come through the top. Replacing said resistor and the shorted 5CX1500A with the GM and PD hovering over the rookie 19-year old engineer wannbe as morning drive was ticking away. Then trying to make it to class.

    When I graduated I had a station with a 2.5K running mono (no more stereo proofs…yay) but still had to deal with a MS15 that liked to AFC-unlock on the hot days. By then, the advice to leave filaments on full-time had been passed down, and almost all of the KABOOM went away. I still plug my ears when starting tube TX’s to this day.

    If I had time I’d drive to the east coast with my Sawzall and help you scrap that beast.

  • Rob

    Those Omnia One’s are a thing of beauty… properly tweaked they sound just as good as a Cadillac processor at 5x their cost, and the web interface is clean and straightforward. Can’t say enough good about them!

  • Chuck Gennaro

    You could chase a TE-3 up and down the band merely by varying the power supply voltage. Good times.

  • Bob Roe

    It’s nice to be able to control everything at the tx from the comfort of my seat at my desk. Rob, sorry still an Orban fan even though it’s spendy.

  • My system is used Orban 8500 for FM and Oban 9400 for AM ,very good quality. I’ve never used through Omina Optimod. If you ever use both please compare them …

  • Chuck Gennaro

    Nguyen; We have predominantly Orban products as well, but I have installed Omnias at other stations and they’ve worked very well.
    The “junior” version of either is perfectly competent, but both run out of breath trying to compete with their full-size brethren. In the two instances I’ve installed them the stations quickly upgraded.
    Trying to determine brand which is better at this or that is akin to discussing our favorite modern artists, lol. Completely subjective.

  • Kent Teffeteller

    The TE-3 I have no fond memories for. Easily liked to drift and go spread spectrum. And getting more than about 5-6db Stereo separation out of the Gates POS Stereo generator another sore point. Not to mention the Bang on plate on command. Replacing that exciter and the multiplex generator and we actually passed proof with ease.

  • John Rogger

    I would take that Gates over anything any day. Powerhouse! Just keeps running and sounds amazing hooked up to an autogram console. Sadly, I don’t have the funds to get one anymore (lost one that was in my possession a while back for diapers) but i totally would if I had the chance again.

    Very cool setup though! Those Nautel’s are amazing. Very good transmitters.

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