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Don’t try this at home, kids

Happy New Year, and stuff.

I found this interesting little video on Youtube recently:

That has to be a fairly high powered AM radio station to have that effect. According to the video, this is in Ukraine.

Other than generating RF burns to the hands, there is also the issue of exposure to non-ionizing radiation causing body tissue heating. Then there is the potential broadband RF interference from the arcing plant matter. This can cause interference to STL’s and other receivers.

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6 comments to Don’t try this at home, kids

  • Chuck Gennaro

    Huh. Sounds better than the AM in my late model Chevy. 🙁

  • Rob

    Perhaps they can do a repeat performance when the next Darwin Award ceremonies are broadcast.

  • The two comments worth reading…
    “Those plants sure don’t give you a lot of bass”
    With the response from a second user
    “Well you need Beets…”

  • Elliot

    Facinating,thanks Paul!
    For those that don’t know,these iron curtain era stations(though fewer in number these days) operate at power levels from 250 Kw right through 1 Mw and are easily received throughout Europe day and night on even the most modest receiver setups.
    Many countries have dumped AM completely which leaves quite an open window in Nordic regeion.
    These fellas (judging from their uniforms are some of our fun loving Eastern European engineers having some fun with their big toys!
    It goes to show you,when you own the grid,money is no object.

  • Jim Seaman

    Basically a diode detector with one very long cat’s whisker! I think most of us have seen this happen around AM sites if the weeds get out of hand.

  • Pham Giang

    What a brave man !!

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