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Friday Funnies; malaise edition

Remember when there was actual competition between radio stations for the coveted #1 bragging rights?  That was way back in the day when talented air persons were sought and compensated for their performances.

These days, when thinking about certain owners and their money men, a certain Fat Boy Slim album cover comes to mind:


Ahhh, the 90’s, I never thought I’d miss you.

Village seeks repayment from Energy Onix

This saddens me a little bit.  Apparently, the Village of Valatie, NY is seeking repayment of a $500K loan from Transmitter Manufacturer Energy Onix.  Since the passing of Bernie Wise, the company has basically folded.

The village may foreclose on the building if necessary, said Mayor Diane Argyle.

Located at 1306 River St., Energy-Onix was founded in 1987 by broadcast pioneer Bernard Wise, who is known for bringing the “grounded grid” to radio broadcasting. The company designed, manufactured and sold radio transmitters and tubes.

More from the Columbia-Greene Register Star.

Sadly, there goes support for many Energy Onix and CCA transmitter still in the field.  I know of several of those old CCA transmitters that are still cranking away, 40 or more years after they rolled out of the factory in Gloucester, NJ.   I have tried, several times, to call Energy Onix since Bernie passed last year and the phone goes unanswered.  I wonder if we could pick up the the field support and service for these units.  I wonder if there are any spare parts left at the old factory building?



Longest tube life?

We may be going for a record here; this Broadcast Electronics FM20T was placed in service on June 6, 2001:

Broadcast Electronics FM20T, WYJB, Albany, New York

Broadcast Electronics FM20T, WYJB, Albany, New York

The original 4CX15000A tube is still in use.  I wrote about this a few years ago in this post: Longevity.

I thought by now, we would have changed out that tube.  A few quick calculations shows that the tube has been in use for 118,289 hours or 4,929 days or 13 years 6 months and 3 days.  Anyway you look at it, that is a long time for one tube in nearly continuous use.  I noticed the hour meter is lagging a bit:

Broadcast Electronics FM20T hour meter, WYJB, Albany, New York

Broadcast Electronics FM20T hour meter, WYJB, Albany, New York

Reads 113051.24, which is 5,238 hours different than what I calculated from the maintenance log.  I noticed a slight discrepancy in hours two years ago and attributed it to various off air periods.  However, between then and now, this transmitter has not been off at all.  Thus, the hour meter is wearing out before the tube.  I would say that this is because of excellent filament voltage management,  but I think we simply have a really good tube.

Has anyone else had a tube that lasted this long or longer?


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